Why Every Christian Should Go To Israel

Why Every Christian Should Go To Israel

The Israel Christian Tour is a must when you want to strengthen your faith, and the best company to set up your journey is Bein Harim Tourism Services Ltd. Traveling to Israel is a pilgrimage that should be taken by anyone of faith. Because your holiday will be full of historical places that hosted some important Christian events. There are many reasons to travel to the Holy Land and when you are traveling to the most important country in the world be sure to choose the package of your choice from the Israel Christian Tours. This will make your journey a lot easier.

Visiting the Holy Land

When you visit the Holy Land, your spirituality will improve in a way you never imagined, and this is one of the most important aspects of your journey. During the visit, you will encounter a new language and history that you have just read in the book, which will come alive before your eyes. When you first look at history, it will boost your appreciation for the Holy Land in a way you never expected. It makes your text come alive while reading books.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

The city where Jesus’ life began is as important as the city where his life ended temporarily. The place of Jesus’ death and burial. A powerful, wonderful opportunity to find yourself in a place where Jesus bears the burden of our sins on the cross that you will not want to miss. It was also in Golgotha ​​in a new tomb in the garden, where Jesus was laid to rest. But before his glorious resurrection, there were only three days.

Bible Student

If you are a Bible student, good books will come before your eyes. Many doubt the Bible is a myth, but when you look at historical information, it becomes a living history of the Holy Land. When we talk about the authenticity of the book, many archaeological excavations in the Holy Land carry inscriptions and confirm that many Bible prophecies were true. The Bible will confirm the spiritual lessons you have learned while studying the Bible, and it will re-establish your faith in God.

Engagement With God

As a Christian, your engagement with God is an important issue that is important to you. When you visit the Holy Land, your engagement with God must be positive way. It has been said that God is everywhere, God’s love is always. When you are in the Holy Land, you will feel a spiritual awakening that will give your mind a different feeling. In the Holy Land, you will be spiritually bound to the love of God and you will communicate with God because prayer will become a natural response to the feeling that you are walking with your Creator. You can find the Word of God in a way that you do not in your daily life. Finding time for spiritual renewal away from your busy life is part of the temptation that you will need to travel to Israel when you visit the country.

Christian Identity

As Christians, we interpret the Bible in our own way, and we come to know our Savior in a way that may not be consistent with the history of Christ in the Holy Land. A visit to Israel will introduce you to Christ in a way that you will never know. Christianity in Europe portrayed Christ as a fair-skinned man who lived an exemplary life. But the reality is that Jesus was a black man who was the Messiah for the Jews. Jesus said God sent him to renew Judaism. To fully understand Christ’s parables and other teachings, you will be able to interpret stories and actions from a Hebrew perspective so that you can fully comprehend the messages that Jesus delivered when he spoke to his disciples.

Miracles of Christ

The miracles of Christ are well documented in his time, you will see a modern miracle that will give you a lasting impression of Israel. After World War II, a country was carved out of the desert and that country was a birthplace for Jewish immigrants and Israel was born from the final solution. In less than seven decades, Israel has moved from a third infrastructure to a prosperous first-world country. With a little infrastructure, that leads the world in many areas of the world economy. As Israel has developed and prospered, and they continue to pay homage to the roots of their faith.


Author: SARA