Where You Can Get Perfume Samples for your Holiday

Where You Can Get Perfume Samples for your Holiday

Perfumes can be quite expensive. Worse, it can be frustrating to spend a lot of money on a bottle that you liked while in the department store, only to get back home and realize you really do not like it at all after a day or two. It is therefore important to sample the large bottle of perfume before you purchase it. You can get completely free or inexpensive perfume samples through a number of ways, saving you the frustration in the future.

1. Ask for a Sample in the Store

Visiting the department store in person is very important when buying perfumes. One of the best stores for free perfume samples is the House of Fraser store. In case the store does not carry any samples for the perfume you are interested in, most stores can decant a bottle, thereby making the sample of your choice.

Bring some small sticky labels, a handful of zip lock baggies, and a few cotton balls with you. Simply spritz the perfume of your choice on the cotton ball, and then put it in the baggie, especially if there is no option to take home with you.

Don’t forget to label each of the baggies with the perfume name and brand. When you take it home, be sure to spend your time with the scent and see if you really like it.

2. Ask for Samples when you Purchase a Perfume

Whenever you are at a department store buying unrelated items, you should always request free perfume samples as you check out. Even if you’re purchasing a low cost item, they shouldn’t have any problems giving you free samples. Most stores will be more than happy to comply with your request, as they give free samples as a standard practice. Why would they do it? Well, because they want your repeat business.

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3. Search for Newly Launched Perfumes Online

Many perfume companies opportunely give out free samples during their product launch campaigns. You should therefore keep a keen eye on the brand you like, so that you will always be aware when they are introducing something new. Don’t forget to check out popular perfume brands that you aren’t familiar with, and check out their websites for possible samples.

Newly launched perfume companies are a jackpot. Look at their websites where you’re very likely to find a wide variety of free samples. Brand new companies are generally very generous in offering free samples as they a try to actively bring in new customers and establish a customer base.

4. Freebie Websites are Good Places to look too

Freebie websites usually collect free samples around the internet and make them available to their customers through their website. While you won’t always have the control over what brands you may sample, these sites are a nice way of discovering new products that you may have missed out in your search.

However, be sure to read out the fine print in the freebie websites, so that you know exactly how their process works before you commit to trying them. Keep in mind that the most trustworthy freebie sites won’t ask for your credit card details before giving out free samples.

5. Buy Samples on eBay

You can also find a wide selection of perfume samples on eBay, which you can buy through direct sellers. You will occasionally come across great deals on eBay, at very competitive prices. Make sure the packaging of the perfume you buy is original, as eBay doesn’t allow the sale of decanted samples. In case you suspect your product has been decanted or diluted, you can report and perhaps receive a refund.

Author: SARA