Types of Wedding Bouquet

Types of Wedding Bouquet

Just as there is no one type of wedding style, there is no one type of wedding bouquet. From multicolored and asymmetrical to monochromatic and perfectly spherical, bouquets can take many forms. But when done right, they all complement the wearer’s wedding attire and provide insight into the rest of the day’s decor.

Bouquet from Nosegay

This tiny flower grouping is the smallest type of bouquet and often consists of only a few stems of the same flower. “It’s something that sticks, but nothing overwhelming,” says the florist. Because of this, gays are often reserved for flower girls or the mother of the bride, but they’re also a great choice for brides who want to make a quieter statement with their flowers.

A pomander bouquet is a ball-shaped flower arrangement that hangs from a ribbon worn around the wrist. It’s also most commonly worn by flower girls, but don’t let the petite shape fool you into thinking it comes with a cheap price tag. With a pomander bouquet, you need 360 degrees of floral coverage as opposed to the more standard 180, and creating the shape requires a significant amount of work, so expect the cost to rise accordingly.

A Bride Carrying a Bouquet of White Roses and Peonies

A flower bouquet is a classic style of bouquet so classic, in fact, that Meghan Markle chose to wear this style at her wedding to Prince Harry. The flower formation is typically round in shape, while the stems are cut to the same length and firmly tied together. It has very minimal additional leaves or no additional leaves at all.

The Aisle Guide | A Breakdown of Bridal Bouquet Styles

Round Bouquet

Another classic bouquet style, the round bouquet most often contains one type of flower or flowers of very similar color and texture tightly bound together in a dome shape. It’s a flower on a flower, without the leaves, who notes that this style is most often seen in more classic weddings, especially with roses or buttercups, but can go glam with certain types of flowers, such as parrot tulips.

Hand tied Bouquet

The term “hand-tied” technically refers to any type of bouquet created by the hand of a florist. The stems of hand-tied bouquets are commonly tied with ribbon. A more classic hand-tied bouquet will see the stems tightly tied together and wrapped almost entirely in ribbon, while a more romantic or rustic twist on this type of bouquet may see the stems tied together just below the flowers and spread out at the base.

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