Travel to Iran with an Iran visa

Travel to Iran with an Iran visa

In order to be able to travel to Iran, you must obtain an Iran visa. To obtain an Iran visa, you must visit one of Iran’s diplomatic missions. Of course, citizens of some countries can travel to Iran without a visa or use Iran’s visa on arrival. It is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months to travel to Iran.

In the near future, citizens of 60 countries will be able to travel to Iran without a visa. The reason for this decision of the Iranian authorities is to boost Iran’s tourism industry.

Travel to Iran

People whose parents are Iranian and who were born in another country; have dual citizenship. These people can enter the country with an Iranian passport. After entering Iran, these people are considered Iranian citizens.

Don’t Worry About Us Sanctions And Travel To Iran

Some people are afraid of getting an Iran visa. The reason is in 2011, the United States announced that people could travel to the United States without a visa; If they travel to Iran, they no longer have this right. In order to counter the US sanctions, Iran does not stamp the passports of travelers and does not attach their passports to their passports.

This news was announced by the head of Iran’s cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism organization(ICHTO) in November 2018 so that tourists can travel to Iran with peace of mind.

Iran visa

Also, in June 2019, the President asked the Ministry of Interior to implement the directive not to stamp the passports of foreign nationals.

Visiting Iran’s free Trade Zones

All tourists can stay in Iran’s free trade centers, including Kish and Qeshm islands, for two weeks without having an Iran visa. For American, British, and Canadian nationals, a valid escort is required upon arrival. Meanwhile, passengers must bring the hotel reservation sheet with them upon arrival.

Iran’s free trade zones are:

  • Aras and Arvand free zones
  • Kish and Qeshm islands
  • Chabahar commercial-industrial free zone
  • Mako, Iran
  • Anzali

Visiting the islands of Kish and Qeshm without an Iranian visa

Citizens of different countries can stay on the beautiful islands of Kish and Qeshm for two weeks without having an Iran visa. American, British and Canadian nationals are required to have an approved escort upon arrival. This guide should provide tourist hotel reservation documents. In addition, the passenger must inform the airport immigration office 48 hours before arrival.

Diplomatic and service passports

Nationals of some countries can travel to Iran with only a passport and without obtaining an Iranian visa.

In addition to having a passport, having an Iran visa for American citizens, and British, Canadian, and Colombian citizens who intend to travel to Iran is mandatory.

The process of issuing an Iran visa for British citizens, Americans, Canadians, and Colombians takes approximately 8 weeks. Citizens of these four countries must apply through reputable travel agencies to obtain Iran visas. The travel agency must send the daily travel details of these passengers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. If approval is received at this stage, the visa will be issued. Of course, American and Canadian citizens who have an Iranian spouse can apply for a family visa (without the intermediary of an agency). With this visa, these people can stay in Iran for three months.

Familiarity with Iran visa and how to get it

By using an Iran tourist visa, you can stay in Iran for 30 days. Fortunately, this type of Iran visa can be extended for two more stages, each stage for 1 month. You can stay in Iran for a total of 90 days with a tourist visa.

If you want to get your Iran visa before entering Iran, you must apply for a visa permit on the e-visa website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran or apply through Iranian travel agencies. The cost of visa issuance is different for nationals of different countries. This fee must be paid before receiving the visa or at the same time as receiving the visa on arrival.

You can pay an additional fee to travel agencies and leave all the visa procedures to them and then enjoy your Iran tour.

Iranian embassies and consulates in different parts of the world issue visas whose authorization codes have been received through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; They deliver to passengers. Visas on arrival are also delivered at the airport.

It is possible to issue an Iran visa for European citizens and nationals of many other countries (with the exception of American, British and Canadian nationals) upon arrival at the airport and without prior request. This method of obtaining a tourist visa is suitable for travelers who suddenly decide to travel to Iran, But there is a possibility that their application will be rejected and the time for issuing this type of visa is longer.

Conditions for obtaining an Iran visa on arrival

If you have a passport, you can apply for an Iran visa on arrival at one of the following airports.

From January 2018, if you have a passport, you can apply for an Iranian visa upon arrival. With this visa, you can stay in Iran for one month. This type of visa can be extended. The international airports where it is possible to apply for a visa are:

  • Bandar Abbas Airport
  • Isfahan Airport
  • Kish Airport
  • Mashhad Airport
  • Shiraz Airport
  • Tabriz Airport
  • Imam Khomeini Airport (located in Tehran)
  • Mehrabad Airport (located in Tehran)
  • Ahvaz Airport
  • Larestan Airport (located in Lar city)

Visa on arrival to Iran

In addition, it is possible to issue a visa upon arrival at the airports of Kerman and Urmia. In the future, it will be possible to issue this type of visa at Shahid Sadooghi Airport. It is also possible to issue this type of visa for travelers who enter Iran from Shahid Rajaei port after a sea voyage (this port is located in the south of Hormozgan province).

Travelers who wish to receive an Iranian visa upon arrival must apply on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs two days before entering Iran. Application confirmation must be submitted upon arrival at the airport. Iran wants to increase the duration of stay with this type of visa to 90 days.

Cost: Getting a visa on arrival in Tehran is a simple process. The cost of this visa is 75 euros. $3 is also charged for bank commission. Of course, according to the passport, this cost may be slightly different.

Nationals who cannot obtain Iran visa upon arrival

It is not possible to issue a visa upon arrival for citizens of the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Yemen

Citizens of these countries must apply for a visa through the Iranian embassy or consulate before entering Iran.

Author: SARA