Top 4 Cebu Travel Destinations

Top 4 Cebu Travel Destinations

Cebu, the metropolis by the sea, boasts a diverse selection of activities for visitors of all kinds to experience – be it witnessing whale sharks swimming near shore, taking long strolls along pristine beaches or canyoneering in Kawasan Falls! There’s something here for everyone!

Cebu City boasts some spectacular overlooks such as Tops Lookout and Mountain View Nature Park on Busay Hill, both offering unparalleled panoramic views. Sydney to Cebu flights are available through Cathay Pacific.


Oslob, situated on Cebu’s southern shores, has rapidly become one of the country’s premier whale shark tourism spots since 2011. Offering exciting activities and sights such as its tropical beachscapes and rich history, Oslob has something for every visitor to keep them engaged and entertained.

Oslob’s top attraction may be swimming with whale sharks, but there’s much more to this scenic town. Oslob is home to Sumilon Island – a beautiful spot known for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches – yet remains one of Cebu’s best kept secrets and an excellent alternative to overcrowded beaches.

Tumalog Falls are an iconic landmark in Oslob, famed for their curtain-like appearance and unique filtering effect due to the presence of moss covering rocks of cliffs, filtering out water through them and creating its distinct visual impact. Perfect for relaxation and unwinding from the heat of the day’s scorching sun rays, Tumalog Falls offer cool waters as an oasis in which to unwind.

Oslob is home to numerous museums and heritage sites, such as Immaculate Conception Parish Church and Cuartel (once home of local militia). Oslob is also famed for its plentiful natural wonders like Kawasan Falls which features brilliant turquoise waters with natural pools – making for a refreshing retreat on hot days!

Oslob offers numerous activities designed specifically for families, from nature walks and snorkeling trips, to diving expeditions. Additionally, nearby islands like Panglao can be easily reached via short ferry rides from Oslob; Siquijor can take an additional 1.5 hour ride; all depart daily from Liloan’s Oslob Port in Liloan. Or simply take the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City and ask a driver to drop you at Oslob’s stop – there are multiple buses that go directly there!

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island Municipality lies off of Cebu’s northeast coast and its main drawcard is its fine white sand beaches – one of which, located right by Bantayan, has become popular as an alternative to Boracay among travelers looking for more laidback and relaxing vacation options. Travelers looking for peace and serenity often opt for Bantayan as it boasts many stunning attractions that can easily be explored via motorbike rental which costs about P300 for 24 hours of riding around this beautiful paradise island municipality.

One of the top things to do in Bantayan is taking a picturesque boat ride to Ogtong Cave Resort, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and extensive amenities that include a restaurant, pool and 24-hour front desk.

White Beach is another must-see natural marvel, boasting crystal blue waters, powdery white shorelines, small beach caves and tall coconut palm trees. A popular cliff jumping spot where visitors can take in spectacular scenery while cooling off in its cool waters and stunning vistas.

As it offers vibrant coral reefs in crystal clear waters, it makes the ideal location to snorkel and explore them. To maximize the experience, visit during sardine run where thousands of fish will populate the area.

Visit Tops Lookout, admire the views from Temple of Leah or taste traditional dishes at Mango Square district – such as lechon (suckling pig).

Bantayan not only boasts an expanding tourism sector, but is also home to one of the Philippines’ top dive destinations; many consider it Asia’s premier scuba diving spot.

Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu stands as a living memorial to Christianity’s beginnings in the Philippines and you can pay a fitting homage here, in what serves as the largest fiesta for Senior Santo Nino – Sinulog.


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Moalboal, Cebu’s free-spirited and sun-kissed town, is the crown jewel of its southern coast. Travellers looking to soak up some sun while discovering breathtaking underwater treasures will find Moalboal an idyllic destination – ideal for beachgoers and snorkelers alike! Home to some of Cebu’s finest beaches like Basdaku White Beach or Panagsama for experiencing the annual Sardine Run (when thousands of small fish gather).

Moalboal offers plenty of things to do, with top spots including swimming with sea turtles at Turtle Point and taking in breathtaking views at Balamban Falls. For something different try visiting Kabutongan Waterfalls which offer rejuvenating natural wonders without crowds of tourists.

Add an adrenaline rush to your trip by exploring Alegria or Badian Canyons – these adrenaline-pumping tours allow visitors to climb, swim and rappel down rugged yet scenic cliffs for an exhilarating adventure!

Moalboal offers many hotels and resorts for visitors looking to stay on land, including Quo Vadis Dive Resort near the beach. Offering cozy accommodation as well as a children’s pool, this resort can be reached easily within a short drive from its town center location.

Hotel Sisters Inn offers another great choice for families and couples searching for peace and tranquility, boasting its own beach, coffee bar, and complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity.

Moalboal boasts an abundance of dining options, from fast-food joints and cafes serving delicious local cuisine, to cafes and restaurants offering international fare. Additionally, there are several nightlife spots within its boundaries.

Moalboal can be reached via bus from Cebu City South Bus Terminal in two to three hours. Prices in Moalboal tend to be more costly, so budget conscious travelers might benefit from shopping first in Cebu City before traveling southward. Also, stocking up on snacks and beverages beforehand could save time once in Moalboal!

Cebu City

Cebu City serves as a starting point for many visitors who arrive in Cebu and is the best way to gain an overview of this island destination. Filled with both modern and ancient buildings as well as incredible sights like Basilica de Santo Nino or Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral which was inspired by the White House, Cebu Taoist Temple provides stunning panoramic views from its perch on a nearby hilltop.

City parks also boast some stunning nature spots like Kabutongan Falls and Cambais Cliff Jumping Spot, while Mantalad Waterfalls provide an idyllic hiking trail experience.

Badian, situated on Cebu’s southwestern tip, is home to some of the island’s most breathtaking natural gems. This scenic town serves as an excellent starting point for visiting Kawasan Falls which should not be missed during a trip to Cebu; additionally it’s the ideal place for snorkelling or diving enthusiasts to discover Cebu’s blue waters for themselves!

Other natural highlights of Oslob include its white sand beaches and the mesmerising Sumilon Island sandbar, which has become an extremely popular photogenic attraction with its photogenic turquoise waters and pure white sands. Unfortunately, due to being privately owned by Bluewater Resort and thus not available for night time stays; day trips are nonetheless quite frequent to this island gem.

Sibonga offers visitors a world-renowned Simala Church that welcomes pilgrims from around the globe, or you could explore Catmon’s serene Ka-Tinggo Falls which are hidden treasures that deserve more visitors.

Cebu offers everything from tranquil relaxation and adventure, to rich cultural exploration. Oslob, Bantayan and Moalboal Islands make great starting points for exploring this central Philippine region; but you could easily spend weeks or more discovering everything this amazing central Philippine region offers!


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