Mastering the Tech: A Guide to Teching in Super Smash Bros.

Mastering the Tech: A Guide to Teching in Super Smash Bros.

Understanding the Basics of Teching

What is Teching?

Teching is the act of hitting the shield button (usually L or R) at the precise moment your character collides with a surface or the ground. When executed correctly, teching allows your character to recover instantly, reducing vulnerability and preventing additional follow-up attacks.

When to Tech

Teching is applicable in various scenarios, including after being knocked into the ground, hitting a wall, or colliding with the stage’s edge. Recognizing these situations and developing the reflex to tech in real-time is crucial for consistent execution.

Executing a Successful Tech

Timing is Key

The key to successful teching lies in precise timing. As your character makes contact with a surface, press the shield button at the right moment. Practice teching in various scenarios to develop muscle memory for different timings.

Directional Influence (DI)

In addition to teching, directional influence (DI) plays a role in determining the trajectory of your character after a tech. Tilt the control stick in the desired direction to influence your character’s landing position, potentially avoiding follow-up attacks or gaining a strategic advantage.

Practical Tips for Teching in Super Smash Bros.

Practice in Training Mode

Utilize the Training Mode in to practice teching in controlled environments. Experiment with different characters and scenarios to understand the nuances of teching.

Vary Teching Patterns

To keep opponents guessing, vary your teching patterns. Mix up tech rolls, tech in place, and missed techs to make it challenging for your opponent to predict your movements. Unpredictability is a valuable asset in the world of Super Smash Bros.

Utilize Platforms and Stage Elements

Take advantage of stage elements, such as platforms and walls, for strategic teching. Platforms can provide alternative landing options, and walls can be used for wall techs, offering unique recovery opportunities.

Advanced Techniques: Wall Teching and Ceiling Teching

Wall Teching

When launched towards a wall, executing a wall tech can prevent a devastating stage spike. Perform a tech by pressing the shield button just before colliding with the wall. Wall teching is crucial for recovering safely on stages with vertical walls.

Ceiling Teching

In scenarios where characters are knocked into the ceiling, particularly on stages with low ceilings, ceiling teching can be employed. Similar to wall teching, execute a tech just before colliding with the ceiling to regain control quickly.

Teching in Edgeguarding Situations

Predicting Opponent’s Edgeguards

Anticipate your opponent’s edgeguarding attempts and be prepared to tech. Skilled opponents may attempt to spike you offstage, and teching can be a game-changer in thwarting their efforts and making a successful recovery.

Mix-Up Recovery Options

To make edgeguarding more challenging for opponents, mix up your recovery options. Use air dodges, different angles, and well-timed techs to keep them guessing and increase the likelihood of a successful return to the stage.

Practice, Patience, and Game Awareness

Consistent Practice Sessions

Devote time to regular practice sessions focused on teching. Experiment with different characters, stages, and scenarios to refine your teching skills. Consistent practice builds muscle memory and enhances your ability to tech instinctively.

Patience in Learning

Learning to tech proficiently takes time, so be patient with yourself. It’s a skill that improves gradually with practice and experience. Set realistic goals, and celebrate incremental progress.

Game Awareness

Develop awareness of the game environment, including stage layouts, opponent strategies, and your character’s position. The more attuned you are to the dynamics of each match, the better you’ll be at predicting when to execute a crucial tech.


Teching is a foundational skill in Super Smash Bros. that can turn the tide of battles and ensure your survivability on the battlefield. By understanding the basics, practicing consistently, incorporating advanced techniques like wall and ceiling teching, and maintaining game awareness, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of teching in the fast-paced world of Super Smash Bros.

Author: SARA