Do You Wonder What Truck Size Will Suit Your House-Moving Needs?

Do You Wonder What Truck Size Will Suit Your House-Moving Needs?

Moving home is a comprehensive decision where a single misstep can cause tremendous distress. It can affect your financial, emotional, and mental health. You have made your checklist of items to move, got rid of things that no longer serve your needs or will be a burden in a new home, etc. The next thing you may want to decide on is the choice of moving company. You may ask yourself if you can pack, load, and unload all the items without support. Although it can seem tempting to take a DIY approach, it’s advisable to be careful with bulky and delicate items. The risk of damage runs high in these areas. You may also regret why you didn’t call professional services for assistance.

So, before this situation develops, contacting a moving company North York is better. The experts will visit your place, pack items in proper packaging and boxes, load them in a truck, and unload them at the new location. You can trust them with end-to-end service. The benefits are enormous compared to the amount you pay for their services. Still, some questions may bother you about them. For instance, you may wonder if they suggested the right truck size for your need or allotted a small or oversize one. It’s good to have doubts, while thorough professionals tend to be punctual about their offerings. Even though it’s difficult to estimate the accurate size of the moving truck due to multiple variables, you can trust your mover with his suggestion if you know some basic things.

Truck sizes: Let us look at some of the options you have under truck sizes:

Mid-Size Trucks – 16’

A 16′ truck can be perfect for your loading requirements if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. You can also use them for small office moves.

Large Size Trucks – 20’ and 26’

You would need a giant truck (20 feet) to move your two- or three-bedrooms apartment or house. For larger office stuff also, this can be an ideal fit. If you worry about finding the right size of truck for moving a 4–5-bedroom house or apartment, you can relax. Companies offer 26feet trucks also. These are ideal for accommodating most of your big home’s items. They can even manage many commercial moves. Of course, big vehicles will cost more, but these can deliver all your materials together. You don’t have to book two trucks, which can be more expensive than hiring one big truck.

Seven Critical Tips for Packing the Moving Van

Things to Calculate

You can have an idea of the type of truck size that will suit your moving requirement by considering a few aspects. As hinted above, you need to count the number of bedrooms you will move. Do all of them have mattresses? With this, you need to know the number of boxes that will also go. Since oversize, odd-shaped, and fragile items need special treatment, you have to account for them too. Then, travelling distance will also matter to ensure the safety of everything.

You may be realizing that this is a complex calculation. That’s why hiring a trustworthy company is essential. They will recommend the best solutions for your needs and carefully transport all your goods.

Some Essential Things to know before you Hire a Professional

  1. It’s always better to hire a licensed and insured service provider.
  2. Make sure to get paid estimates in writing for better comparison of price and services offered by different companies.
  3. Ask if they offer additional items like tools, boxes, etc., free of cost or with an extra fee?
  4. Find out if there are any hidden charges for the services you wish to hire.5. Make sure that all the items, including fragile and bulky ones, will be handled with utmost care by their professionals.
  5. Read and understand the terms of service beforehand so there are no surprises later on. By researching and comparing different moving companies North York, you can find the right one that meets your needs. Don’t forget to get referrals from trusted sources to make an informed decision. Once you have chosen a reliable service provider, you will be able to move without any worries or hassles.


From the size of the truck to the type of services you need, it’s essential to do your homework before hiring a professional. With an understanding of these factors, you are sure to find a reliable and trustworthy mover that can add value to your moving experience. Good luck!

Author: SARA