10 Tips For Making Adventure Travel Videos

10 Tips For Making Adventure Travel Videos

People love to share their favorite travel videos with family and friends over the internet. Whether people travel for fun or if they go to a new place for a business meeting, there is always a good reason to capture the most memorable moments while traveling.

Travel videos are more cinematic and stimulating videos, wherein you can try different new approaches to capture stunning videos. You can create a vlog, a usual walk in the trail, a slow-Mo, or a street-run style video, wherein you can focus on the places that you visit, the locals you meet, and of course, the good times that you have. All you need is some great, easy-to-use clips to create those mind-blowing and eye-grabbing travel videos.

10 Tips for Making Adventure Travel Videos

Make your travel video presentation look stunning, glamorous and fascinating, by following these 10 practical tips and techniques:

1. Pick the Right Platform and Identify Your Audience

The most important thing is to identify the platform that you would like your travel video to be posted on and the end-user/audience who would be viewing your videos. The choice of platform is very important as each forum like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., has certain video specifications that must be followed.

Similarly, it is equally crucial to analyze what kind of audience you are targeting. Is it a fun video or an informative one? It could be a nostalgic travel video or a serene clip to tease the audience. So, before you start creating your videos, identify these imperatives.

2. Take Inspiration From Travel Videos

Getting an idea and some help from other travel videos is a wonderful way to learn about different types of videos and to get an innovative video perspective and new ideas. You can create something unique and impressive.

The aim of creating and posting a travel video is not to shift the focus to your life but to highlight the stories about the places that you visit, the landscapes, beauty, culture, food, language, locals, and your experiences.

Interweave them all and encourage people to follow in your footsteps. Tell them a compelling story and evoke human emotions just by placing a well-filmed story with the camera.

3. Pack the Hardware and Tools Wisely

Choose the right, convenient, advanced, and comfortable-to-use type of equipment that you will be shooting with. Keep your SD cards, Tripods, microphones, lenses, and cameras ready. Be very careful while picking the right camera, as you would want to capture everything that you see and experience. Pick the latest DSLR or iPhone cameras and start shooting right away.

You can try Slow-Mo, an amazingly great way to make your video clips look more charismatic and alluring.

Another strategy that you can use using your smartphone is Time-lapse which is quick and easy on the phone.

While using your DSLR, use only two camera lenses. Always carry a small bag with all the required accessories and camera-set-up equipment.

4. Keep your Clips Short, Precise, and Sweet

It is difficult to entertain people doing something that you love – traveling. Many may take an interest, but some may just drift apart and never come back. So here are some tips to retain your audience and create more leads.

Don’t drag your travel videos and keep them short, precise, and crisp. Take as many shorts or small video clips as you can and leave the editing part to the end. You will find several software assistants that will help you link all your clips, add some fascinating music and aesthetically compile the entire travel idea. You can use an effective video editor for editing later.

For example – taking a picture of a heritage building of a place is normal, but capturing the essence of it, while there I movement, and at the right time of the day, is where you earn more viewers,

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5. Consider Lighting And Connect Your Clips Well

Artificial or Natural – decide what kind of lighting will look best. If you are capturing a night story, then fix the lighting accordingly. When recording travel videos, you need to consider the ambient lighting. Rely on natural light for video recording after checking the correct timing. Remember that you can take great shots when the sun is under the sky. Next is to connect your clips well. You can choose the rule of going from dawn to dusk or apply the rule of thirds.

Following the rule of thirds is a great way to capture the essence of travel videos. You simply have to position the camera so that the capture is within one-third of the camera screen. Smartphones are well-equipped with a grid that divides the screen into one-thirds to help you understand this. Connecting the clips is one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps while editing a travel video. These are crucial aspects to consider while creating a travel video.

6. Come Up With a Story

Don’t go for a voluntary and unplanned travel video. Do your research and planning and finally make a great story. Your camera should always be ready to shoot. To create an effective vlog, create an introduction, an explanation, and a conclusion. Frame your clips and weave them into an ecstatic story. There are several factors to consider while creating a story. The direction of your camera, the brightness, color, shape, and flow of the video, and the movement of each object are what matter.

7. Shoot Smarter

Don’t do hard work while compiling your travel video; indulge in smart work. You must enjoy every bit of your travel itinerary to showcase the fun, adventure, and positivity in your video. Get the best footage, explore the place and plan meaningful transitions between shots. Finally, you can view all your recordings, edit the clips wisely and run them.

8. be Smooth and Steady While you Shoot a Video

With excellent stable hands, a steady tripod, reasonable equipment, and some state-of-the-art technology, you can make light yet effective moments using your camera. Diversify shots as this is the entirety of your travel video. Here you cannot rely on a concrete structure or a meaningful emotional story, but it is all about visuals. You can shoot from a worm’s eye view, panning the camera from left to right, spinning shots, and wrapping some of the latest techniques.

9. Recreate A Magical Compilation And Add Music Wisely

Now that you’re done with creating plenty of small clips. It is time to work on your system and start with the editing procedure. You simply cannot post raw videos, as they look unprofessional and haphazard. It is better to sort all clips, create a meaningful story, and edit the loopholes. It is highly recommended to use an effective video editor, which will help you recreate the magic from your existing shots.

While editing, you can select the music that makes up the video, that can connect with the mood of the video and invoke the same emotion in your viewers and can highlight your topic and place proficiently.

10. Export it Properly

Finally, export the video with the proper settings and let your viewers enjoy your experience, creativity, and your will to spread the word about your travel. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you use the settings that match your source and export with the highest quality possible. Choose the right software and keep a backup. Share it on all relevant platforms after the final online video editing is done.


No matter how easy it sounds, creating travel videos is not a piece of cake. In your quest for finding solace in your travel destination, you involve several other viewers to join you in your endeavor. So be cautious but not overwhelmed while creating your travel video. Use the appropriate help and assistance to create one, and upload it on all your marketing channels for the world to see and learn from your experience.


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